Gay Christian QuestionThere is no more divisive issue within the Christian community than the question of whether one can be gay and Christian.

Books, blog posts, news stories, documentaries, youtube videos, podcasts, and more…all have been used to defend one side or the other.

With so much information already available why are we going to spend the next few months looking at this question?

Because taking the easy way out, by carrying the denominational or political party line instead of investing the time to study the facts, is unloving and inexcusable.

Because how you and I answer this question affects the lives of real people…maybe your child, cousin, friend, or coworker.

Because people on both sides are being harmed by ignorance.

Because misrepresenting what the Bible teaches about being gay, one way or the other, is dishonest and hurtful.

Over the next few months we will slowly work through this question. We will try to think critically about both sides of the gay Christian question and challenge ourselves to let go of biases, no matter what they are or where they originated.

Below are the goals and the primary resources I will be using.


  1. Study the Biblical texts that mention gay relationships and gay sex, as well as texts that speak to heterosexual sex and relationships.
  2. Utilize multiple resources from both sides of the topic to further educate our understanding of the Biblical texts.
  3. Come to a reasonable conclusion about what the specific texts and the Bible as a whole say about relationships (gay and straight) and sex (gay and straight).
  4. Determine how that conclusion informs our words and actions towards the gay community.


  1. What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality – Daniel A. Helminiak Ph.D. – $8.99
  2. Can You Be Gay and Christian?: Responding With Love and Truth to Questions About Homosexuality – Michael L. Brown Ph.D. – $9.99
  3. God and the Gay Christian – Matthew Vines – $9.99
  4. God and the Gay Christian? A Response – James M. Hamilton Jr., Denny Burk, Owen Strachan, Heath Lambert, and R. Albert Mohler Jr. – $0.99

There are other great resources available that we may use to further inform our series but the books above will be the main source of information.


  1. Let’s not fool ourselves. We all bring to this series preconceived emotional, theological, and intellectual notions about whether being gay is a sin.
  2. As stated above, though we are dealing with theological ideas, ancient languages and cultures, and interpretive concepts we are not discussing these things within a vacuum. We are discussing ideas that affect real people. Please keep all discourse civil and loving, whether we all agree or not.

Why I am hopeful about this series:

  1. I have no denominational or political reasons to slant this study in either direction.
  2. I serve in no position of authority within a church for which I can be removed.
  3. I have no position of authority within the gay community for which I can be removed.
  4. In sum, I have no outside influence to sway me from simply studying the Bible and resources and coming to what I feel is the most reasonable conclusion.

Next week we will begin by asking three crucial questions…

  1. What are we really asking?
  2. What are your current views/beliefs about whether a Christian can be gay?
  3. How do you read the Bible?

If you think this a question worth studying or know someone who is interested in this topic please share this series with them using the share buttons.


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